In these difficult times, we are all adapting our lives. Like it or not, we are having to communicate socially and professionally online and for some of us for the first time. Let’s be practical and creative. I hope these few tips will help you to improve your confidence and your appearance on the screen.

  • Dress in a way that your presence is pleasing to your eyes and according to who you are speaking to. I advise you to dress completely and think about the whole body, not just from the waist up
  • Wear colorful tops but avoid loud ones such as bright pinks or fluorescent colours, but instead choose more subdued colours such as burgundy, deep red, blue or olive. And pay attention to the neckline. V and U necklines will elongate your neck. If  it’s a more formal call add a blazer
  • Accessories should be discreet such as: small earrings, a thin scarf.  Large accessories can be fussy and be a visual distraction
  • Brush your hair and make sure it’s not on your face
  • In relation to make up, it should be simple and clean enough to highlight your features.  All you need are: powder, eyebrow pencil, a mascara, lip gloss and for dark circles a concealer.


• Keep the camera at eye level

• Have good lighting: it should be in front of you and behind the camera

• Have a clear and clean background like a simple wall, if possible, nothing to distract the person or people you are talking to

I hope you find this useful and finally SMILE it always works!

Best wishes,

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